Specim introduces new compact hyperspectral camera for airborne use

Specim, the market leader of the hyperspectral industry, kicks off the 25th anniversary celebrations with the release of a new product: the Specim AFX10

Identify materials from the air

Specim’s new AFX10 is a compact and complete solution for lightweight hyperspectral imaging, that can be mounted for example on a drone.

Spectral imaging allows identifying one material from another simply by measuring the reflectance of light – without needing to take a sample. By mounting a spectral camera on a drone, it can be used for example in looking for contamination and determining the water quality, estimating the fertilising need in agriculture, identifying vegetation species, or studying wildlife population from the air.

High quality in small size

“This is not the first time our cameras have gone airborne,” says Jukka Okkonen, the product owner of the AFX10. “Our AISA product family has been around for a long time, but now our customers are looking also for smaller, more lightweight solutions that can be mounted on most drones.”

AFX10 is based on the FX product family, which is a high-quality hyperspectral camera series designed specifically for industrial use. This new product brings the benefits of the FX series to the airborne use.

“One clear benefit of our solution is the efficient use of light. That combined with our advanced image enhancement technology means, that we can offer the highest data quality available.”

VNIR (400-1000 nm)

Specim AFX10 is a VNIR hyperspectral imaging solution with an HSI camera, a small and powerful computer and a high-end GNSS/IMU unit in one compact enclosure. It is a state-of-the-art solution weighing only 2.5kg that can be used on multiple drone types – multirotor or fixed-wing, with or without a gimbal. Data is acquired automatically following the waypoints on a flight plan, making the Specim AFX10 easy to operate.

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