QD’s Inaugral Winter School – Review and How to Attend Next Year

Recently, Quantum Design USA hosted their inaugral Winter School at our San Diego headquarters. Led by application scientists Randy Dumas and Darius Choksy, six exceptional users of our PPMS and MPMS 3 platforms from around the world were offered a unique opportunity to experience a week of intensive, advanced measurement training. This year’s theme was to transform users into superusers. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering the next generation of scientific talent and enhancing their proficiency with cutting-edge technologies. QDUSA has also announced the 2nd annual Winter School (more on that later). We’ve had a review from one of the attendees from the UK, Sivaloganathan Kumaran, a PhD Candidate in Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems at Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge.

“Attending the Quantum Design Winter School 2024 was an invaluable experience that significantly enriched my practical understanding of experimental quantum physics…

Sivaloganathan Kumaran

“The itinerary was meticulously planned to cover a broad spectrum of topics, offering a mix of theoretical presentations, hands-on demonstrations in the Apps Lab, and, most importantly, time to conduct experiments on research-relevant material samples and devices.

Each day started with a deep dive into the intricacies of quantum physics experiments, followed by comprehensive sessions on the MPMS3 and DynaCool, a look into the design of FusionScope and OptiCool, and more tailored measurements on attendees’ own samples. What set this Winter School apart from the summer schools I have attended was its hands-on focus, rather than the usual ‘death by PowerPoint’ approach. The opportunity to engage directly with cutting-edge technology and conduct measurements under the guidance of experts was invaluable, with participants instructed to bring their most difficult samples to get direct feedback on improving their experiments and gather data for their research. This combination not only solidified my theoretical knowledge but also enhanced my practical skills, making me aware of various techniques and their applications.

The structured yet flexible environment fostered a collaborative atmosphere among participants and organisers. This encouraged inquisitive discussions and the exchange of experiences on a variety of topics, from experiments and data processing to the handling of air-sensitive devices and the favoured choice of rubber cement. Beyond the academic and practical learning, the social aspects, including meals together and an excursion to the Birch Aquarium, provided a well-rounded experience. These interactions were invaluable for networking with peers and professionals, offering insights into future career paths within physics.

“In summary, the Winter School was one of the most valuable experiences of my PhD to date. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their understanding and practical research skills. 

I am hugely grateful to Randy Dumas, Darius Choksy, and Daniel Polancic for their leadership and deep expertise in orchestrating this Inaugural Winter School, and Angela Carslake at Quantum Design UK and Ireland for encouraging me to apply. Special thanks also go to Alexandra Robasto and Andrew Jan Dobrzanski at the Henry Royce Institute, and to Cheng Liu and Jiasheng Chen for their continued guidance, support and training in Quantum Design-related experiments at the University of Cambridge’s Maxwell Centre.”

Quantum Design MPMS 3 Magnetometer

Magnetic Property Measurement System

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