Janis Superconducting Magnet Systems

Superconducting Magnet Systems

With over four decades of experience and a worldwide installation base, Janis Research Company is a recognised leader in the design and manufacture of superconducting magnet systems. Janis’ renowned SuperVariTemp insert operates from 1.5 K to 325 K, and is featured in the SuperVariMag, OptiMag and SuperOptiMag systems and is also available as an independent insert for use with existing magnets. Janis also offers a variety of superconducting magnet systems that offer a room temperature bore (with inserts that reach 800 K), He-3 systems that reach less than 0.280 K, along with a variety of other systems that are designed for specific applications. These state of the art systems feature integrated designs for the cryostat, magnet, temperature controller and programmable power supply, together with a complete line of ancillary equipment. Janis Research’s approach to superconducting magnet system design provides a variety of technical and cost benefits.

By maintaining flexibility over the specification and integration of the magnet, electronics, temperature controller, and cryostat, Janis is able to offer magnet systems with performance characteristics tailored to individual experimental and budgetary requirements.

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  • Top sample loading and exchange at all temperatures
  • Effortless sample rotation and translation about the vertical axis at all temperatures, with options for rotation about a horizontal axis
  • Field-independent thermometry
  • The Janis SuperVariTemp system, with provision for a temperature control thermometer at the heat exchanger
  • Vapour cooled/superconducting high current magnet leads

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