J A Woollam IR VASE II Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Ellipsometer for thin films and bulk materials characterisation

The IR-VASE® is the first and only spectroscopic ellipsometer to combine the chemical sensitivity of FTIR spectroscopy with thin film sensitivity of spectroscopic ellipsometry. The IR-VASE covers the wide spectral range from 1.7 to 30 microns (333 to 5900 wavenumbers). It is used to characterise both thin films and bulk materials in research and industry. This rapidly growing technology is finding uses in the optical coatings, semiconductor, biological and chemical industries, as well as research labs.

The IR-VASE offers non-contact, non-destructive measurements of many different material properties. Measurements do not require vacuum and can be used to study liquid/solid interfaces common in biology and chemistry applications.


  • Wide Spectral Range
  • High Sensitivity to Ultra-thin Films
  • Non-destructive Characterisation
  • No Baseline or Reference Sample Required
  • Highly Accurate Measurement

Dr Shayz Ikram

Technical Director
tel:+44 (0)1372 378822


Temperature range: 4.2 to 500 Kelvin OR 4.2 to 800 Kelvin

Angle: 70°

Includes UHV chamber/cryostat, turbo pump,and temperature controller.

Cryostat can be installed and removed, which allows the user to switch between the standard sample stage and the cryostat.

Temperature range: -70°C to 600°C

Angle: 70°

Active Cooling with Liquid Nitrogen

Sample area 22mm in diameter

Temperature range: Room Temp to 300°C

Angle: 70°

Passive Cooling

Sample area up to 50mm diameter

Automated high precision sample rotation (360° Theta-only) stage.

Useful when studying anisotropy. Through-hole behind sample allows transmitted beam measurements from normal incidence (0°) to ±19°.

Standard stage and rotation stage are swappable.

Translator Size: 50×50 mm XY

Standard stage and Manual Sample Translation stage are swappable.



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