Temperature Products

For over 50 years, Lake Shore Cryotronics has provided reliable and robust temperature measurement and control products for customers like you. Supporting your low-temperature research has been the primary pursuit since the beginning.

The Lake Shore Temperature Product range includes Temperature Sensors, HR Series Sensors, Temperature Probes, AC Resistance Bridges, Cryogenic Temperature Controllers, Temperature Monitors, Temperature Monitors, Temperature Modules, AC and DC Current Sources, Cryo Accessories. Scroll down or click through for more information on what each range contains.

Selecting the appropriate sensor requires an understanding of different sensor technologies. Our Temperature Selection Guide lets you quickly identify the right sensor for your research application. 

Lake Shore offers complete calibration services from 50 mK to 800 K. Above 0.65 K, Lake Shore calibrations are based on the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90). For temperature below 0.65 K, calibrations are based on the Provisional Low Temperature Scale of 2000 (PLT-2000). Find out more about calibrations here.

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