Raptor Hawk 252 EMCCD Camera

High Resolution, Ultra Sensitive Digital EMCCD Camera

Cooled HD EMCCD Camera offering back-illuminated EMCCD technology, enabling ultimate sensitivity imaging (<50μlux). The Hawk 252 offers high QE of greater than 95% at 600nm. It offers GEN III image intensifier performance and enhanced blue response from 180nm for low light UV with visible detection.


  • Ground-Based Surveillance
  • Airborne Surveillance
  • UV Imaging Blue Response
  • Scientific Imaging
  • Situational Awareness


  • Back-Illuminated EMCCD technology – Enables ultimate sensitivity imaging (<50μlux)
  • High QE: >95% @ 600nm – GEN III image intensifier performance
  • Enhanced blue response from 180nm – Low light UV with visible detection


Shayz Ikram

Technical Director
+44 (0)1372 378822

The Hawk 216-A camera enables high sensitivity imaging (<50 flux), using smaller pixels for ultra-sharp image resolution. With a peak QE of 90% (at 500nm) it also offers enhanced UV response from 180nm, perfect for underwater or airborne applications.

  • Back Illuminated EMCCD technology
  • High QE: >90% @ 600nm
  • Enhanced blue response from 180nm
  • Fan-less cooling


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