Our range of Standard and Custom Optic Filter Solutions

We supply a wide range of standard off-the-shelf optical filters as well as custom parts for specific applications or requirements.  We have been a provider of high quality optical filters to the UK market for a number of years with applications including, but not limited to; hyperspectral imaging, water and gas analysis, plasma analysis, thermography, astronomy, UV curing and photolithography. Our standard filter range includes bandpass filters, long and short pass filters, dichroics, Neutral Density filters and both soft and hard coated components. As well as stand-alone solutions, our filters can also be incorporated into other products that we provide – such as order sorting filters in monochromators, bandpass filters in IR cameras, or heat rejection filters in our broadband incoherent light sources. Please contact us if you have a custom filter requirement or have any questions regarding our standard product range.

Linear polarisers and Beamsplitters

The Moxtek linear polarisers and beam splitters are constructed completely from inorganic materials. This allows them to be more tolerant to high temperature or high photon flux environments compared to organic polymer film polarisers. This is especially important in UV curing and projection display applications.

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