International Light ILT710 Flicker Meter

The ILT710 Takes the Headache Out of Flicker Measurement!

Take the headache out of flicker measurements with the ILT710. The ILT710’s fast sampling rate with instantaneous auto-ranging capability allows you to take flicker measurements in real time by simply walking around a space. No need to “capture” measurements. The ILT710’s remote sensor has excellent cosine response and results can be viewed as numeric or graphical units on the display.

High quality flicker measurement instrument for use in product development, field testing and measurement and on-site audits. Designed for use by non-technical personnel such as Lighting Designers, LED Retrofit Sales Reps, Applications Engineers and Facility Maintenance personnel.

The ILT710 is an economical light meter that’s perfect for any technician or site auditor’s toolbag. The device comes with an ISO17025 accredited calibration, for results you can rely on.


The ILT710 is a simple-to-use, low cost, hand-held, portable device.  The meter offers users accurate and reliable measurements with the following characteristics:

  • Excellent cosine response
  • Dual power
  • Memory for 1000 measuring points
  • Evaluation of TLA to various calculation methods such as flicker%, flicker index, and SVM
  • 50 kHz sampling rate, “instantaneous auto-ranging”, 12-bit resolution
  • Tripod mountable using 1/4-20″ mount on sensor head


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