Janis 10 K Cryocoolers

Cryogen-free 10 K closed-cycle refrigerator systems

When combined with an automatic temperature controller, Janis closed-cycle systems become powerful tools for studying the properties of materials over a wide range of temperatures. (These pages describe systems with base temperatures from 8 to 15 K. Janis also offers systems with base temperatures to 4 K.)

As the name implies, closed-cycle systems recirculate a fixed volume of gas to provide cooling to the sample mounting stages, and no gas is added or removed during operation. Janis CCRs use the Gifford-McMahon thermodynamic cycle, based on the controlled compression and expansion of helium gas. A compressor is used to provide the high-pressure helium gas needed for the cycle. Flexible metal gas lines deliver the compressed helium gas to the refrigerator and return the low-pressure gas to the compressor for recirculation. The refrigerator includes two cold stages, one for cooling the sample and one for cooling a radiation shield that surrounds the sample.

Janis Research offers a variety of 10 K cryocoolers – see the range here

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