J A Woollam VASE Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Variable angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer 

The VASE® is an accurate and versatile ellipsometer for research on all types of materials: semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, metals, multi-layers, and more.

It combines high accuracy and precision with a wide spectral range – up to 193 to 3200nm. Variable wavelength and angle of incidence allow flexible measurement capabilities, including:

  • Reflection and Transmission Ellipsometry
  • Generalised Ellipsometry (Anisotropy, Retardance, Birefringence)
  • Reflectance (R) and Transmittance (T) intensity
  • Cross-polarised R/T
  • Depolarisation
  • Scatterometry
  • Mueller-matrix

The VASE features a rotating analyser ellipsometer (RAE) combined with J A Woollam patented AutoRetarder for unparalleled data accuracy.


  • Standard Spectral Range: 240-1700 nm
  • Vertical sample stage with vacuum mount can accommodate up to 200 mm diameter samples (call for custom sample mounting)
  • Automated angle of incidence from 15° to 90°
  • Double-chamber monochromator for superior stray-light rejection

Dr Shayz Ikram

Technical Director
tel:+44 (0)1372 378822


Add camera with display to view spot location on sample. The light beam may not appear on smooth, specular surfaces.

Commonly sold with Standard or Alternate Focusing

Translator Size: 150×150 mm XY

Standard stage and Translation stage are swappable.

Translator Size: 50×50 mm XY

Includes two exchangeable stages.

Open stage with hole for transmission mapping (41×41 mm)

Standard stage and Translation stage are swappable.

Commonly sold with Alternate Focusing

100 or 200 μm beam diameter depending on installed optical fiber.

Commonly sold with Camera

200 or 400 μm beam diameter depending on installed optical fibre.

Commonly sold with Camera and 50×50 mm Automated Translation.

Temperature range: 4.2 to 500 Kelvin OR 4.2 to 800 Kelvin

Angle: 70°

Includes UHV chamber/cryostat, turbo pump,and temperature controller.

Cryostat can be installed and removed, which allows the user to switch between the standard sample stage and the cryostat.

Temperature range: -70°C to 600°C

Angle: 70°

Active Cooling with Liquid Nitrogen

Sample area 22mm in diameter

Temperature range: Room Temp to 300°C

Angle: 70°

Passive Cooling

Sample area up to 50mm diameter

Automated high precision sample rotation (360° Theta-only) stage.

Useful when studying anisotropy. Through-hole behind sample allows transmitted beam measurements from normal incidence (0°) to ±19°.

Standard stage and rotation stage are swappable.

Translator Size: 50×50 mm XY

Standard stage and Manual Sample Translation stage are swappable.

The liquid minimum deviation cell is used to determine liquid refractive index (n and k) using a hollow prism cell.  Measure minimum deviation angles through the liquid filled prism.  Two cells are included:

  • 6 mL (60° angle of incidence)
  • 5 mL (30° angle of incidence)

Features Automated Z-Translation

General purpose liquid cell with vertical mount above liquid line for convenient electrochemical work.

General purpose liquid cell with 5mL volume

Ultra low-volume liquid cell. (Minimum sample size 8 mm x 21 mm)



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