Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras

Digital Imaging and Spectroscopy Combined

Specim is a pioneer and world leader in hyperspectral imaging instrumentation.  With a hyperspectral imaging camera from Specim you will have spectral information at each and every pixel of your image.  All the cameras from Specim operate according to the push-broom technique, meaning that the target is imaged line by line to build up the full 2D image. Specim have instruments designed to operate in specific discrete bands across the VIS-IR spectrum (400 nm to 12 µm).

Specim’s instruments are suited for a whole host of applications including remote sensing, geology, food quality, plastic sorting, online inspection and colour measurement. Additionally, the instruments are extremely versatile, and in most cases the same camera can be configured for use in the lab, field or sky. Don’t know where to start? See our introductory guide

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