Webinars from Quantum Design and our partners across the globe. The latest ones to register for are located at the top of the page. Scroll down for a wealth of webinars on applications, products and innovations that you can watch right now.

Specim Webinar - Why invest in quality?
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Events Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras Webinars
"High End Hyperspectral Cameras Vs Common Hyper- Multi- spectral Cameras?", is the question explored in this webinar Thurs 28 Jan | 7am and 5pm
ISSC Conference 2021
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Dr Shayz Ikram Ellipsometers Events Webinars
ISSC-23 is the latest meeting in the series of interdisciplinary surface science conferences covering all experimental and theoretical aspects of surfaces, interfaces and nanoscale physics and chemistry.
ICMM Manchester 2021
17th International Conference on Molecule Based Magnets
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Events Magnetometers Materials Characterisation Webinars
IMMC2021is fully online, Quantum Design are sponsoring a plenary lecture and hosting a virtual stand and we have a short talk from Randy at QDUSA.

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