Quantum Design MPMS 3 Magnetometer

Magnetic Property Measurement System

Quantum Design’s MPMS 3 provides users with the sensitivity of a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) magnetometer and the choice of multiple measurement modes, the MPMS 3 offers new levels of performance in magnetic research while including those aspects of past Quantum Design SQUID magnetometers that customers have grown to appreciate and depend on.

The MPMS 3 incorporates major advances in data acquisition, temperature control and magnetic field control with ≤10-8emu sensitivity. The award- winning design of Quantum Design’s MPMS 3 also provides expanded software functionality within its user-friendly MultiVu interface.

Technical Service and Application Support is available for the Quantum Design products – download the MPMS 3 service plan here

Combining the highest level of system performance with the possibility of using all previously available MPMS measurement options, the Quantum Design MPMS 3 truly represents the next generation of advanced SQUID magnetometry.


  • Wet or Cryogen Free versions available
  • SQUID Sensitivity
  • Multiple Measurement Modes (Including Traditional MPMS DC Scan and VSM)
  • Temperature Range: 1.8 – 400 K
  • 7 Tesla Magnet


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The ULF option uses a custom fluxgate field sensor in conjunction with in-situ concentric modulation and trim coils to actively cancel the residual magnetic field in the superconducting solenoid. The option also allows the experimenter to set fields up to +/- 25 Oe.

  • Field uniformity: +/- 0.05 Oe
  • Field nulling window: +/- 10 mm
  • Can be used in conjunction with any measurement mode or sample holder


The Fibre Optic Sample Holder (FOSH) enables light to be delivered to the sample space during a measurement.

  • Specialised sample rod and holder transmits a wide spectrum of light
  • Standardised fibre connection ensures compatibility with a variety of light sources
  • Compatible with traditional DC Scan, AC Susceptibility, ULF


For experiments requiring illumination inside the MPMS 3 sample space, two broadband xenon light sources are available:

  • The TLX120Xe utilises a 100 W source and integrates a motorised monochromator such that the light wavelength can be selected using a sequence command in MultiVu
  • The MLS 300 W source includes a manual selection filter wheel for passing pre-determined wavelengths of light


The Electrical Transport Option (ETO) enables AC resistance measurements of samples using a 4-probe lead configuration. For samples with higher resistances, a 2-probe high impedance mode is also available. Signals from two channels can be collected simultaneously. An additional voltage pass through allows for voltage-controlled magnetism studies.

  • Measure resistances of 10 μΩ – 10 MΩ in a standard 4-probe configuration
  • Resistances of 2 MΩ – 5 GΩ can be measured in the high-impedance 2-probe configuration
  • Automated I-V curve collection can be used to screen for ohmic contacts
  • Differential (dV/dI) resistance measurement mode
  • Compatible with traditional DC Scan, SQUID-VSM, AC Susceptibility (<10 Hz), ULF


The pressure cell option for magnetometry is manufactured by HMD, a leading Japanese supplier of pressure cells. A simplified design requires neither copper sealing rings or a hydraulic press to achieve the maximum available pressure of 1.3 GPa.

  • Included manometer materials: tin (Sn) and lead (Pb)
  • BeCu construction affords a minimal, uniform magnetic background
  • Compatible with traditional DC Scan, AC Susceptibility (<10 Hz), ULF


The iQuantum Helium-3 refrigerator extends the minimum temperature for DC and AC moment measurements below 0.5 K.

  • Continuous operation down to 0.5 K
  • < 3 hour cooldown time, 10 hours of 3He lifetime
  • Compatible with DC Scan and AC Susceptibility measurements


The Oven option allows for magnetometry spanning temperatures of 300 – 1000 K. A special alumina sample holder with an integrated resistive heater and temperature sensor locally heat and sense the sample temperature.

  • User kit comes standard with high temperature Zircar cement and copper radiation shields for sample mounting
  • Moment Sensitivity 1·10-6 emu for H≤2500 Oe and 8·10-6 emu for H>2500 Oe
  • Compatible with traditional DC Scan, SQUID-VSM, AC Susceptibility (<10 Hz), ULF


The Rotator enables the magnetometry as a function of angle, spanning a full 360°. A specially designed sample rod and stepper motor allow for automated integration into MultiVu. Three different rotor geometries allow for a variety of sample mounting possibilities to fully characterise anisotropic samples.

  • Range: up to 360°
  • Step Size: 0.1° (typical)
  • Compatible with traditional DC Scan, AC Susceptibility (<10 Hz), ULF

The AC Susceptibility option allows the experimenter to measure the dynamic (real and imaginary) response of a wide variety of samples including, but not limited to, superconductors, nanoparticles, and spin glasses.

  • AC Frequency Range: 0.1-1000 Hz
  • AC Field Amplitude: 0.1-10 Oe
  • Can be used in conjunction with any sample holder



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