Technical Service & Application Support

For Physical Property Measurement, Magnetometer, Optical Cryostats and Cryogenic Systems


Our factory trained engineers hold years of experience in both application and service. We provide helpful advice and together with you, find individual solutions for your particular service/application requirements.

The UK Service Department offers fast front line local support to users within the UK and Ireland. We are backed by our US Service Department and Factory Engineers, based in the Quantum Design Headquarters in San Diego, California. We offer helpful advice and can work with you to find individual solutions to your particular application.

Working in collaboration with our worldwide service colleagues we offer:

  • System installations and user training
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • System calibrations
  • Instrument relocation assistance
  • Test and sample measurements, from either our Darmstadt or San Diego applications laboratories
  • Ongoing system support


“The QDUKI service team have provided professional, responsive, and thorough support over many years.  Their efficient assistance has been vital in keeping our MPMS and PPMS in good working order. This has allowed our research group to publish numerous academic papers relating to material discovery and characterisation.”

Dr Hongjun Niu, University of Liverpool

Quantum Design Teamviewer

Dr. Jordan Thompson, Service Manager

Jordan received his PhD in 2016 from the University of Oxford on the topic of inelastic neutron scattering and heat capacity measurements on rare earth oxide materials at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Jordan joined Quantum Design UK and Ireland in 2017, and his specialties lie in making Quantum Design equipment work for customers; through installing new equipment, servicing existing equipment, and advising customers on how to optimise their experiments to get the best possible results.

Liam Colman, Field Service Engineer

Liam graduated with a first-class master's degree in 2021 from the University of Lancaster, with a specialisation in low temperature helium physics. He operated their advanced wet dilution refrigerator at a base temperature of 2mK to study quantum turbulence in superfluid He-3. Liam joined Quantum Design in January 2024 and is excited to help customers with any queries that may arise. He will be aiding customers with installation or operation of their systems to ensure their experiments run as smoothly as possible. Liam will specialise in dealing with Montana Instruments.

Ongoing service support contracts:


Scientific Support for Potential and Existing Quantum Design Customers

Quantum Design’s US Applications Team is dedicated to supporting customers’ needs and enquiries with regard to the scientific content of their research conducted using QD instruments. Whether advice on data interpretation is sought, or assistance is required in tracing the origins of an instrumental artefact, the Applications Team is ready to help.

To better serve our customers, the US Applications Lab carries a full complement of Quantum Design’s suite of instruments including the cryogen-free DynaCool and VersaLab instruments, as well as the classic liquid-cooled PPMS and an MPMS 3.

The instrumentation allows Applications Scientists to provide timely troubleshooting support for existing customers by way of easy comparison to a similar measurement/instrument; this can help isolate and explain spurious signals or misleading data.

Answers to many of the most common inquiries have already been described in formal Application Notes, which can be browsed below, by measurement option or instrument. A large selection of additional support information is also available in Pharos, Quantum Design’s Digital Online Library.

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