Space and Aerospace Flight-Qualified Testing and Components

With these ever-changing landscapes, we at Quantum Design UK and Ireland are always looking to develop and grow to provide you the best solutions for today’s challenges.

Our suppliers are responsible for supporting the development of iconic inventions such as the James Webb Space Telescope and the Mars Perseverance Rover. The QDUKI team are happy to introduce a taster of our full solution for space and space qualified testing in this new magazine.

Dynamic Interferometry: Measure Despite Vibration

4D Technology’s Twyman-Green interferometers employ a polarisation-based Dynamic Interferometry ® technique to collect four frames of data simultaneously. A quarter-wave plate is introduced into both the test and reference beams, imparting different polarisation states. This incredibly quick acquisition freezes vibration and turbulence, producing excellent measurements even in noisy environments.

4D Technology PhaseCam Twyman-Green Interferometers



Measuring optics for space-based optical systems, like the James Webb Space Telescope, comes with a high risk-profile. After all, it’s difficult to get systems into space, and once deployed, it can be very hard to make a repair visit.

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