Specim FX50 MWIR Spectral Camera

Hyperspectral data in the MWIR region 2.7-5.3 μm

Specim FX50 is a high-speed, accurate and efficient camera specifically designed for industrial environments. It works in a line-scan mode and collects hyperspectral data in the Medium Wavelength Infrared (MWIR) region (2.7-5.3 μm).

Black plastics are widely used in the automotive industry, electronics, food packages, plastic bags, they can be found all around us. Unfortunately, instead of recycling, they are burned for energy or dumped to landfill, since there has not been efficient and reliable technology available to sort them. Hyperspectral imaging is the only technology that can identify black plastic types when used on MWIR spectral range.

Specim FX50 is the only hyperspectral camera available on the market covering the full MWIR spectral range 2.7 – 5.3 μm that is required with black plastics. This allows fast and reliable sorting of:

– Black plastics such as PS, PE, PP, ABS and PVC
– Certain additives, like flame retardants
– Rubbers
– Non-black plastics and rubbers


  • Full spectral range – for sorting most of the plastics
  • Temperature stabilised casing – to keep accurate results within a harsh industrial environment
  • Small – Flexible and easy installation
  • High frame rate – for high sorting throughput
  • Easy integration – communicates with commercial analysis software through standard interfaces
  • Unified, comparable data

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