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We are pleased to offer two ex-demonstration instruments for sale

15 May 2019

Please email Ben Parker or call 01372 378822 for more information.

  • FERGIE imaging spectrometer with built-in high sensitivity CCD detector

Price:  £30,000 (excluding VAT/including delivery)

  • EnSpectr R532 Portable Raman Analyser

Price:  £8,000 (excluding VAT/including delivery)

FERGIE imaging spectrometer

The FERGIE is a revolutionary, compact, diffraction limited imaging spectrometer from Princeton Instruments – designed to make turn-key spectroscopy a reality.

The modular cube accessory ecosystem allows multiple experiments to be configured with ease – such as Raman, photoluminescence and flash photolysis (to name a few). The FERGIE includes the acclaimed LightField software for data acquisition and analysis, and a USB3.0 interface for plug-and-play operation with minimal setup/alignment.


  • Low noise, back-illuminated, TE-cooled frame transfer CCD detector (1,024 x 256 pixels)
  • VIS-NIR spectral range (400-1100 nm)
  • 80 mm focal length, F/4.0 spectrograph
  • 0.25 nm spectral resolution
  • Aberration-free imaging, interchangeable single diffraction grating turret
  • Includes VIS and NIR focusing cubes and fibre ports
  • Includes x2 diffraction grating optimised for the VIS and NIR, and x2 fixed slits
  • Includes fibre-coupled wavelength calibration light source (Hg / Ne-Ar)
  • Built-in timing generator for time resolved applications
  • Includes Lightfield software and linear fibre array


EnSpectr R532 Portable Raman Analyser

The EnSpectr R532 is a unique instrument that combines the advantage of a portable probe system with the performance of a highly specified laboratory instrument. It is a perfect choice for Raman analysis when acquisition of high quality data is essential.

Real-time and accurate identification of an unknown substance is accomplished by comparing its unique Raman spectrum of molecular vibrations (molecular “fingerprint”) to Raman spectra of reference substances stored in the spectral database. EnSpectr R532 performs identification of substances through walls of sealed bags, transparent bottles, vials, and ampoules. The ease of use, single-hand operation, small size and weight of EnSpectr-R532 enables express chemical analysis of substances. Results are displayed within seconds and can be accessed via an intuitive user interface. The data are retrieved remotely via the USB port.


  • Superior sensitivity and low noise
  • Non-contact real-time identification
  • Analysis of ultra-low concentrations based on SERS proprietary technology
  • Fully classified as a Class 3B laser product

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