Cryogenics Magazine QDUKI Edition 1

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Cryogenics Magazine QDUKI Edition 1

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Quantum Design UK and Ireland (QDUKI) is proud to bring you this newsletter with information about new products, publications and white papers that have been produced using products that we offer. With the recent addition of Janis Research products through our partners, Lake Shore Cryotronics, we have strengthened our Cryogenics offering.

QDUKI is particularly proud of our involvement with the international effort (spearheaded by our parent company Quantum Design USA) to conserve helium. As well as promoting sustainability and awareness amongst the scientific community, we have launched a new generation of helium recovery systems.

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QDUKI has been involved with Cryogenics now for 12 years both as a manufacturer and a distributor of low temperature instrumentation such as the PPMS and MPM3 and have continually added to supplying materials characterisation products from other leading vendors.

We firmly believe we have the best combination of instrumentation in cryogenics for investigation of new materials and for the optical Quantum computing QUBIT Technology revolution which hopes to replace the current mature but slow electronics era.

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