Applications Team – Notes and Downloads

Scientific Support for Potential and Existing Quantum Design Customers

Quantum Design’s Applications Team is dedicated to supporting customers’ needs and enquiries with regard to the scientific content of their research conducted using QD instruments. Whether advice on data interpretation is sought, or assistance is required in tracing the origins of an instrumental artefact, the Applications Team is ready to help.

To better serve our customers, the Applications Lab carries a full complement of Quantum Design’s suite of instruments including the cryogen-free DynaCool and VersaLab instruments, as well as the classic liquid-cooled PPMS and an MPMS 3.

The Quantum Design Applications Lab

The instrumentation allows Applications Scientists to provide timely troubleshooting support for existing customers by way of easy comparison to a similar measurement/instrument; this can help isolate and explain spurious signals or misleading data.

Answers to many of the most common inquiries have already been described in formal Application Notes, which can be browsed below, by measurement option or instrument. A large selection of additional support information is also available in Pharos, Quantum Design’s Digital Online Library.

Application Notes To Download

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