Montana Instruments Cryostation Optical Cryostat 1.7K

Closed Cycle Optical Cryostats

The CRYOSTATION® crossover premium (xp) platform integrates pumped liquid helium cooling technology with the benefits of an automated, closed-cycle (helium-free) cryostat. Leveraging many of the proven technologies found in the original Cryostation systems, the xp-series retains the level of reliability, flexibility, and usability required to become a workhorse in any lab. The platform offers a turn-key solution for the most demanding users, making it easier than ever to reach and maintain temperatures below 2K.

Experimental Benefits

  • Reach critical transitions and reduce thermal noise with temperatures from 1.7K – 350K
  • Utilize existing optical setups and maximize collection efficiency with direct, free-space high NA access
  • Streamline workflows with fully automated operation, push-button cooling, and precise temperature control
  • Leverage high cooling power (>20 mW) to implement more complex setups and/or introduce experimental heat loads (laser input, etc.) without sacrificing base temperature


  • Closed-cycle (cryogen-free) Gifford-McMahon (GM) 2-Stage cryocooler with a variable speed helium compressor
  • Sample chamber can mount directly to any optical table
  • System cart includes the cryocooler, gas handling components, vacuum pump, and system control electronics
  • Proprietary sample exchange barrier provides thermal and vacuum separation of the cooling system and sample platform
  • Touchscreen user interface with control software
  • Sample space can be accessed easily
  • Optical access provided from all sides with multiple radial ports and a top window

Ben Parker

Sales Manager
tel:+44 (0)1372 378822

Cryostation xp100 Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 1.7 K – 350 K
  • Vibrational Stability: <20 nm
  • Cooling Power @ Base T: >20 mW
  • Sample Cooldown Time to Base T: ~12 hrs
  • Sample Warmup Time~2 hrs:
  • Optical Access: 3 optical ports
  • Electrical Access: 25 user connections*
  • Interface Side Panels: one quad RF feedthrough (2 coax routed standard, 2 more available), three blank for additional RF, DC, fiber or gas tube options
  • Sample Space: (diameter x height)∅92 mm x 92 mm
  • Beam Height: 147 mm



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