Webinar: Structural analysis of metastable pharmaceutical loratadine form II, by 3D electron diffraction and DFT+D energy minimisation

This webinar featuring our colleague, Dr. Partha Das from Nanomegas has now passed but you can watch the recording!

In this webinar, Dr. Grahame Woollam from Novartis AG, Switzerland and Dr. Partha Das from NanoMEGAS SPRL, Belgium talk about ‘how to use limited ED data to solve metastable pharmaceutical structure at ambient temperature’ based on their recently published paper in CrystEngComm.

In 2020 CrystEngComm celebrated a selection of the work made possible by the CSD in a special issue. As a part of this special issue CCDC and CrystEngComm is jointly a organising webinar series to talk to some of the authors featured in this issue – “to get behind the paper, and learn more about the context, challenges and wider scope of their work”.

Read the full abstract here

Nanomegas precession diffraction related instrumentation is actually present in more than 180 laboratories all over the world. Their novel digital DigiSTAR precession unit can be adapted to your commercial TEM (100-400 kV old as well as brand new) and combine with 3d diffraction tomography to solve nanocrystals structures, otherwise difficult to solve by conventional X-Ray diffraction techniques.

Beam precession into the ASTAR device provides orientation and phase maps at 1-3 nm resolution (FEG-TEM) for a variety of materials (metals, semiconductors, oxides etc..) without any need of particular specimen preparation. Precession diffraction can be also very useful to obtain STRAIN maps at 2-4 nm resolution with FEG-TEM (sensitivity < 2 x 10-4) , providing extremely important information for materials scientists. Precession diffraction is also useful to enhance /optimize EELS / EDS spectra and allow to have better data.

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