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Quantum Design UK and Ireland recently hosted another of our free webinars, this time on Microthermography – organised alongside one of our IR camera partners, Infratec GmbH. 

This time, we will be exploring some further topics:

  • InfraTec for microthermography
  • Performance and limits of uncooled IR-cameras for microthermograpy
  • Performance of cooled IR-cameras for microthermography
  • MicroScan technology for resolution enhancement for cooled ImageIR® series


Stefan Keyser

Stefan Kayser is a Technical Sales Engineer at InfraTec GmbH. InfraTec are a manufacturer of world-leading thermal imaging cameras and non-contact thermography solutions

Stefan Keyser

Microthermography allows for the thermal analysis of extremely small structures in the micrometer range, providing a detailed representation of the temperature distribution on complex electronic assemblies and components.

Micro-Thermography Opens Up New Possibilities for Quality Control and Development – find out more
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InfraTec offers solutions for every kind of thermographic measurement task. Discover the new generation of stationary and handheld infrared cameras with megapixel formats – VarioCAM® High Definition and ImageIR®.  A comprehensive range of non-contact temperature measurement devices for your needs.

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