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Recently, our Technical Product Manager, Dr. Satyam Ladva hosted a talk at the Maxwell Centre at the University of Cambridge. The talk highlighted the benefits of correlative microscopy and afterwards there was a tour of the excellent Royce@Cambridge facilities.


  • Short introduction to Royce@Cambridge Open Access Facilities and Funding – Dr Andrew Dobrzanski
  • The Benefits of Correlative Microscopy & Spectroscopy – Dr Satyam Ladva, Technical Product Manager, QDUKI


At a time not so long ago, Scientific discoveries would have resulted in instant recognition and, if significant enough, immediate publication. However, as time has moved on, so have the requirements from Journals and the demand from customers when it comes to the criteria needed to complete a project.

Technical users, research and industrial alike, are now pushed into spending a far greater percentage of their time acquiring high quality data from more than just one or two instruments. The purpose of which is to solidify their findings by corroborating measurements from several independent systems either for R&D purposes, QA testing and especially publications. Whilst this does result in far greater data reliability, it almost always means that system users are spending more time to complete a project, which is also quite expensive in the long run.

“Royce@Cambridge were proud to host our industrial partner Quantum Design here at the Maxwell Centre at the University of Cambridge for a talk on the capabilities of their correlative microscopy and spectroscopy Systems. The event had a positive turnout and ran smoothly. The presentation by Satyam about these systems was exciting, many of the researchers present gained a new found understanding and respect for combining different techniques for research, development and sustainability needs. It inspired many attendees to follow up the talk with a tour of the facilities.”

Francesca Mead, Marketing and Communications Coordinator Royce@Cambridge

If only there were more systems that have 2 techniques within the confines of their own structure…which leads to the purpose of this talk. Quantum Design UK and Ireland are happy to announce their breakthrough in true correlative microscopy with the creation of the unique FusionScope™ system. Through a combination of Scanning Electron Microscopy, with spatial resolution as low down as 5nm, Atomic Force Microscopy, with self-sensing cantilevers, the FusionScope allows correlative measurements of AFM & SEM, ideal for a range of applications especially with contribution from the 80 degree rotating trunnion that allows for side-angle view of the AFM tip and surface, with SEM-level resolution.

FusionScope Wins R&D Award

This allows for faster and easier measurement of samples both for researchers but also industrial users – who can now acquire at least two system measurements at exactly the same time, with very little technical nuance needed for transferring between modes.

Combined with our full range of microscopes and spectroscopes consisting of several options for multi-use, sometimes even overlapping with our cryogenic solutions as well, Quantum Design UK and Ireland are now able to share their vision for offering a range of techniques useful for supporting both the time-pressed researchers as well as the demand-led industries.

The team at the University of Cambridge have partnered with Quantum Design UK and Ireland for many years, and the level of organisation and care put into these events by the Cambridge team is always exceptional. We are proud to work with the university and to continue supporting the Henry Royce Institute, who are adopters of much of our technology. Which has resulted in some excellent research contributions in a variety of fields, by researchers at the institute and university respectively.

“This wasn’t the first event we’ve organised with QDUK. We enjoy running joint events with QDUK’s and their marketing team. Thanks to a longstanding collaboration, the two teams have managed to generate synergies and shared approaches that are crucial when organising events together. The organisation and preparation went smoothly as QDUK were able to promptly offer support to match the requirements expressed by the Royce community at Cambridge and to provide support and resources useful to anyone interested in getting further details about the technology.”

Alexandra Robasto, Royce Institute Programme Manager

“The event was well thought out, promoted effectively and organised to a great standard by both Cambridge and our marketing team. All I had to do was turn up and give a talk, with Alexandra, Angela and Francesca making sure everything ran smoothly on the day. The attendees seemed interested to learn about correlative technology, which is always nice, and we even had a really pleasant introduction to the Henry Royce Institute facility as well as a tour of Cambridge’s facility by Andrew, which was pretty fun!” 

Dr. Satyam Ladva, Technical Product Manager, Quantum Design UK and Ireland.

Would you like Satyam to visit your site?

Dr. Satyam Ladva would be pleased to visit your venue to talk about correlative microscopy. Please contact him for more details – by email or call (01372) 378822.

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