NEW! QDUKI Welcomes Molecular Vista Nano-IR Microscopes

Quantum Design UK and Ireland is excited to add Molecular Vista to its product portfolio. Offering the highest resolution nanoscale chemical analysis instruments available, the range of Nano-IR microscopes features photo‑induced force microscopy (PiFM) and photo‑induced force IR spectroscopy (PiF‑IR).

Do the impossible

Perform chemical analysis on smaller volumes than ever before

PiFM allows fast and automated nano‑scale material analysis with minimal setup between samples.

Better than both FTIR and nano-FTIR.

PiF‑IR spectra provide FTIR-like results at the nano scale in milliseconds with even greater resolution and SNR than nano-FTIR. Other nano-IR techniques have yet to show separate images of distinct chemical components imaged at the associated IR bands on such tightly packed BCP.

What is PiFM?

Think of PiFM as supercharged nano-FTIR imaging with ~5 nm spatial resolution and superfast nanoscale IR spectroscopy (as fast as 0.1 second for full spectrum.) PiFM acquires both topography and chemical signature at the nanometer scale and demonstrates excellent sensitivity (monolayer), good correlation to bulk FTIR spectra, and universal applicability to a wide range of organic and inorganic materials.


PiFM chemical mapping provides unbeatable lateral IR resolution for analysing surface chemistry.

An elementary cellulose fibril is embedded in the lignin matrix of a cell wall from spruce wood. Scan dimensions: 150 nm × 150 nm × 10.5 nm.


  • Exceptional Spatial Resolution in Chemical Mapping
  • Excellent Sensitivity
  • Good Correlation between PiFM and Conventional IR Spectra
  • Universal Sample Applicability
  • Hyper-spectral Nano-IR Imaging
  • Exceptional ease of use

Triple helix collagen, PiFM image of Triple Helix Collagen demonstrating nano IR monolayer sensitivity. Sample courtesy of Jinhui, PNNL


“Vista One” Nano IR Microscope and Spectrometer

The original PiF microscope for nano‑IR chemical analysis

Vista One makes nanoscale chemical maps and point spectra with more detail than FTIR or nano-FTIR. Characterise at the highest resolution.

Molecular Vista “Vista 75” AFM-IR instrument

Combining AFM with IR (AFM-IR) spectroscopy

Vista 75 has been made more compact. With a completely new acoustic enclosure, Vista 75 now takes up over 60% less space than Vista One. Easy sample access and a one-handed AFM head clamp make tip and sample exchanges a breeze. The lightweight removable enclosure and open design make optical alignments easy.

Molecular Vista “Vista 200” PiF microscope 

For nano‑IR chemical analysis.

With a 200 mm × 200 mm sample stage Vista 200 is perfect for analysing wafers or photo masks. Vista 200 can be configured with either a vacuum chuck with magnets or a specialised EUV mask holder. This instrument is perfect for 4-, 6-, or 8-in wafers. PiFM operates in true non-contact mode. The instrument doesn’t touch your pristine samples, so they stay clean ­– and so does the tip.


Want to discover more about PiFM and how it could benefit your next research project?

Get in touch with our Technical Director, Dr. Shayz Ikram, by email or call (01372) 378822.

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