Montana Instruments Corporation Announces CryoAdvance™  

Meet the New Flagship Laboratory Workhorse

CryoAdvance™ takes the next step in advanced materials and quantum device characterisation.

It’s been dubbed the next tier in cryogenics and promises to become a foundational piece of gear for your laboratory. We’re really excited to be promoting this here in the UK and Ireland exclusively through Quantum Design.

Features include:

  • Touchscreen user interface – displays real-time temperature status, temperature stability, and vacuum pressure readouts.
  • Optical + DC + RF – high optical access to the sample and ability to enable the most common techniques of sample interrogation.
  • Modular design – facilitates understanding of the product configuration and helps users arrive faster at a solution that fits their needs.
  • Vibration damping – configurable, low-vibration, variable temperature environment to accelerate time and achieve real results.

Quantum demands cold.
We know cold.

Montana Instruments manufactures high-precision electrical, optical, and cryogenic products for quantum computing, quantum education, quantum networking, and quantum materials research.

“Whether you’re an established principal investigator studying low-temperature phenomena in materials and devices or starting up a new lab, the CryoAdvance provides an easily accessible, tabletop environment with an intuitive touchscreen, and fully-integrated control architecture for quick and quality experimental results. It really is designed to be a foundational piece of equipment in almost all quantum laboratories.”

Mark Carroll, CEO, Montana Instruments

“Competitors may try to offer lower prices or highly-customised solutions, but no one can beat the performance, flexibility, or user-friendliness of CryoAdvance

Josh Doherty, VP of Engineering, Montana Instruments

“Our customers are changing the world through applications of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum networking, quantum education, and quantum materials research,” notes Carroll. “We understand the cryogenic aspects of their quantum challenges. Building on over ten years of experience and CryoCore®’s launch earlier this year, CryoAdvance™ is our newest product in a growing line of cryogenic tools for quantum pioneers.”

To discuss your application, contact our Technical Sales Engineer, Luke Nicholls

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