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Calling all early career researchers or those setting up a cryogenics lab!

We are excited to exclusively offer the optical cryostat range from Montana Instruments in the UK and Ireland; ideal for breaking into quantum research. These systems provide an easy to use route into quantum research, allowing you to get on with your research and get results.

Quantum research examples

Single flux quantum circuits for novel superconducting electronics

A research group at Argonne National Laboratory uses a Montana Instruments Cryostation® to study the potential of a hybrid superconductor/ferromagnetic heterostructure as an alternative to the standard electronic transistor for quantum memory and micro-processing.

Investigating single molecule fluorescence in the presence of dephasing

A group from the Centre for Cold Matter at Imperial College in London studies the quantum dynamics of single molecules in the presence of temperature-controlled dephasing.

Configuration for flexible quantum optical interactions at variable temperatures

Montana Instruments engineers designed a unique system for a group of researchers to test quantum optical interactions with an optical crystal acting like a sensitive thermometer.

Investigating methods for determining quantum repeaters

A USTC Key Laboratory of Quantum Information research group uses the Montana Instruments Cryostation® to work toward the development of high-efficiency quantum repeaters by demonstrating the storage of single photons from quantum dots.

Spin qubit coupled to photonic crystal cavity for quantum network

A premier research institution uses the Montana Instruments Cryostation® to investigate the use of photonic crystals to enhance the coupling to solid state qubits.

Single-photon emissions studied in quantum dots at extreme pressures with diamond anvil cells

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences use a diamond anvil cell mounted inside of a Montana Instruments Cryostation® to subject InAs quantum dot specimens to pressures of up to 6.58 GPa (65,149 atmospheres) and study single-photon emissions at 4K.

For those looking for a multi-functional platform, please ask us about the CryoAdvance range. System engineers will work with you to select or design a configuration (sample mounting, electrical & optical access, etc.) to fit your unique needs.

The extensive range of optical cryostats from Montana Instruments means there is always a solution to fit your research needs and budget.

If you are looking for large cryogenic sample configurations with space for multiple accessories, we suggest starting with one of the Montana Instruments Cryostation® platforms. System engineers will work with you to select or design a configuration (sample mounting, electrical & optical access, etc.) to fit your unique needs.

“The Montana Cryostation lies at the heart of a number of experiments in my group. The Cryo-Optic add-on allows us to perform optical spectroscopy on single organic molecules at low temperature with excellent collected photon count rates from the in-vacuum high-NA objective. The system reaches a base temperature low enough to observe atomically-narrow resonances in these molecules, making them suitable for use in quantum technology. The automated temperature control allows us to investigate the effects of phonon-induced dephasing with ease, while the integrated nano-positioning system and sample holder – designed in collaboration with Montana Instruments and QD-UK – is fully compatible with the nanophotonic devices we are investigating at low temperature. All of our experiments benefit from the low vibrations seen in the Montana Cryostation, from stable coupling to nanophotonic waveguides to diffraction-limited confocal microscopy. The support we have received from QD-UK has been excellent – they are easily contactable should issues arise and are very open to collaborative problem solving to expedite finding a solution. Having all of this is in a closed-cycle system that does not require the purchase of expensive and increasingly rare liquid helium is the icing on the cake.”

Dr. Alex S. Clark, Centre for Cold Matter, Imperial College London

Say “yes” to quantum discovery, made possible by cryogenics

Montana Instruments offers solutions for multiple research applications, including cutting-edge techniques and breakthrough technology developments for a variety of colleges, universities, and research labs around the globe. Montana Instruments enables the quantum materials research community with state-of-the-art performance, high reliability, and user-friendly product line.

If you would like assistance evaluating the various platforms and configuration options, contact us to talk directly with our Technical Sales Manager, Dr. Luke Nicholls…

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