MicroSense Vibrating Sample Magnetometers

Highest field Electromagnet based VSM up to 3.5 Tesla

MicroSense Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (VSMs) are the easiest to use and most sensitive vibrating sample magnetometers available. Whether you are measuring magnetic moment and coercivity of thin films or studying the magnetic properties of liquids, powders, or bulk samples, MicroSense VSMs will give you the easiest and most accurate magnetic measurements.

The VSM technology is suitable for fast and precise measurements of the DC magnetic moment and can be applied with this instrument to a wide range of sample types like liquids, powders, thin films, or bulk samples.

With the EZ7, EZ9 and EZ11 three models are offered with a maximum field of 2.1 T, 2.7 T and 3.2 T respectively. The basic magnetometer includes everything to come as plug-and-play system – so you can get first data just after the system installation. Different options extend the measurement capabilities.

Most popular are the temperature stages and the magnetic resistance probe, however also sophisticated setups like the real torque measurements are available.


  • Highest field Electromagnet based VSM, up to 3.5 Tesla
  • Easy to use
  • Fast, with sweep rates up to 1 T/s and 1000 points/second (not suitable for all materials and experiments)
  • Highest sensitivity (lowest noise) without signal averaging:  3×10-7 emu (0.3 nAm^2) at a 4 mm sample space and < 1.7 x10-6 emu (1.7 nAm^2) with the single stage temperature option in place.
  • Lowest noise Vector option: < 1.7 x10-6 emu (1.7 nAm^2) without signal averaging
  • 10 mm ID of continuous range temperature chamber allows for larger samples and approximately 2.5 times more signal than competing 7.1 mm ID or smaller temperature chambers
  • Most versatile, with Vector, true Torque, MOKE, AC and DC Magneto-Resistance and Magneto Electric options. Automatic Sample Rotation is standard
  • Automatic sample loading offered as an option for the entire VSM line
  • Temperature options from 4.2K to 1050K
  • 4 systems in one: VSM, Torque, Magneto Resistance and MOKE
  • Fast and easy to use with oven/cryostat always installed on the measurement system and ready for use
  • Air Cooled Magnet Power Supply
  • Space saving, flexible design with all components mounted on wheels for easy lab reconfiguration


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Technical Director
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