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Simultaneous imaging of objects over a wide temperature range   

WATCH NOW! In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The fundamentals of non-contact IR thermography
  • The current challenges of using an IR camera to simultaneously measure wide temperature ranges
  • … And we will present how the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology from InfraTec perfectly addresses these

High sensitivity IR cameras with cooled detectors offer the possibility to remotely measure the temperature of an object with high accuracy, superb precision and fast speed. However, due to the nature of these instruments, it is necessary to incorporate a number of attenuating filters in front of the detector when measuring high temperatures (typically > 300 degrees Celsius). In addition to this, during the calibration process, the integration time must also be carefully optimised to provide the best results when operating in a particular (limited) temperature range. Both of these factors mean that those users wanting to measure dynamic (high speed) and high temperature processes simultaneously should be aware of the limitations of the ‘standard’ measurement scenario

However, the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature of the InfraTec ImageIR® camera series circumvents these limitations via the implementation of unique fast rotating filter wheel technology. This technology enables the continuous imaging of scenes with objects at vastly different temperatures – for example those from 10-1500 degrees Celsius. This internal fast rotating wheel can accommodate up to six independent filters – ensuring maximum flexibility for the most demanding measurement tasks. Furthermore, when used in combination with a 2nd 5-position filter wheel, one now has the opportunity to perform both dynamic (high speed) and high temperature spectral thermography measurements with ease


Ben Parker, QD UKI Ltd, Sales Manager

Ben Parker joined QD UKI in 2012. He is responsible for the sale and support of a variety of high end scientific instrumentation throughout the UK and Ireland. He has many years of experience with cryogenics, optical spectroscopy and thermal imaging 

Stefan Kayser, InfraTec GmbH, Sales Engineer

Stefan Kayser is a Technical Sales Engineer at InfraTec GmbH. InfraTec are a manufacturer of world-leading thermal imaging cameras and non-contact thermography solutions

InfraTec offers solutions for every kind of thermographic measurement task. Discover the new generation of stationary and handheld infrared cameras with megapixel formats – VarioCAM® High Definition and ImageIR®.  A comprehensive range of non-contact temperature measurement devices for your needs.

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