Application: Aerospace and Defense Dynamic Metrology

In aerospace and defense industry optical systems, being able to take measurements in the presence of vibration and turbulence is often critical. Consequently, imaging technologists in the defense industry—as well as researchers in planetary sciences—depend on 4D’s interferometers to measure and align their optics.

Infra-red to Ultra-violet wavelengths

The use of longer and shorter than visible wavelength sensors for imaging is commonplace in space and defense systems. In imaging systems used to look through Earth’s atmosphere, there are infra-red wavelengths that are preferred because of their lack of absorption by water and atmospheric gases.

4D Technology has built numerous systems in IR operating wavelengths, and we understand well the issues caused by using a sensor that sees all hot bodies—including the radiating and reflecting walls of an interferometer enclosure—as a light source. We’ve solved those problems more than once.

UV sensing is less common in defense applications, but has good potential in astronomical imaging. It’s important to measure and align optics in their use-case wavelength to obtain reliable results. Being able to handle the peculiarities of a diffractive and scattering wavelength is rolled into the challenges we have handled well.

Extreme environments

Cutting edge aerospace and defense optics are being lab-tested under field conditions. Field conditions may include cryogenic freezing, turbulence, vibration, vacuum conditions and more. Because 4D’s dynamic technology is the best way to obtain good measurements in extreme environments, we offer the best choices and the greatest experience in measuring in these circumstances.

Essential parts inspection

Having to depend on your aircraft’s full performance makes defect inspection during maintenance a mission-critical process. Military engine components and rivets get inspected by 4D InSpec, for fast, repeatable, handheld parts qualification.

Products for Aerospace and Defense

PhaseCam IR Interferometers

Compact, lightweight and vibration-insensitive for accurate surface and wavefront measurements at infrared (1.064 through 3.39 micron) wavelengths.

AccuFiz SWIR Fizeau Laser Interferometer

AccuFiz IR Fizeau Interferometers

Consistently high performance, quality and value for accurate, repeatable measurement at infrared wavelengths.

Optical Profilers

NanoCam HD systems measure surface roughness on coated and uncoated precision surfaces to ensure the quality of polishing processes. 

Want to learn more about aerospace and defense applications for the 4D Technology range – contact our Technical Sales Manager, Dr Luke Nicholls by email, or call (01372) 378822

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