4D Technology Helps Scientists See Further, See More and See Anywhere

Twenty years ago, 4D pioneered a new standard of measurement. And through the development of their more recent products, are helping scientists and researchers in a number of applications, especially Space and Aerospace.

4D Technology pioneered dynamic interferometry, introducing a new class of instruments that enable scientists to see farther, see more and see anywhere. 4D Technology’s PhaseCam is a company dynamic interferometer unrivaled in measuring 3D surface shape and wavefront quality of concave optics and focusing systems.

4D Technology’s single frame acquisition technology is immune to turbulence and vibration. Traditional phase shifting interferometers are affected be external factors that cause the interferogram to move randomly, greatly reducing the accuracy of the measurement or even ruining the measurement. Bad measurements result in print through of the interferogram’s fringes into the 3D plot or even no measurement acquired.

Patented Dynamic Technology

  • Single-frame acquisition
  • Immune to turbulence and vibration

Accurate high-quality results come from Dynamic measurements that instantly capture data, effectively freezing the vibration and turbulence.

Dynamic Interferometry – How it Works

By combining the light received by each of the four orientations, we create four precisely phase-shifted images each with full camera resolution essentially phase shifting simultaneously instead of mechanically shifting over time.

Using 4D Technology’s dynamic interferometry, the PhaseCam interferometer acquires a vibration-free 3D surface measurement in as little as 30 millionths of a second.

  • Optical shape and wavefront error
  • Flat & concave optics
  • Optical systems
PhaseCam 6110 High Resolution Twyman-Green Laser Interferometer

A 4MP sensor, fibre-coupled measurement head and motorised controls make the incredibly small PhaseCam 6110 ideal for long path measurements and remote mounting. Use it for remote mounting in measurement towers or pressure vessels, and other challenging test setups.


PhaseCam’s long path measurement capability in turbulence and vibration enabled NASA to measure the James Webb Space Telescope in the Goddard Space Centre using dynamic interferometry in a microscope configuration, NanoCam measures sub-angstrom roughness on super polished surfaces or the polish of large objects using a robot arm’s non-contact positioning in any orientation.

Using dynamic measurement techniques, industry leaders use 4D Technology in space and terrestrial telescopes, orbital networking and communications, semiconductor lithography, and aviation turbine engine maintenance.

4D Technology NanoCam

The NanoCam is a small, non-contact optical profiler for vibration-immune roughness measurement. Intentionally created to produce measurements for small to meter-scale coated and uncoated optics, precision metals, plastics and other polished specular surfaces. With all the advancements of the NanoCam, 4D Technology is thrilled to introduce the NanoCam AT, a version of the NanoCam with robotic capabilities.

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