Metalens Arrays as a Higher Performance Solution for Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays are traditionally used in a range of applications from CCD and CMOS imaging sensors to Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors. However, they are limited in resolution, field of view, depth of field etc… due to their conventional optical architecture.

As micro-displays have continued to increase in pixel density requirements, this conventional architecture has become more inadequate. Consequently, resulting in the need for a new kind of technology – Metalens technology. The benefits of this technology includes:

  1. Reduced track length and weight in optical systems
  2. Greater design flexibility
  3. Added functionalities
  4. Shorter focal lengths
  5. Smaller Diameters
Moxtek Infrared Polarisers

Discover Moxtek Polarisers

Our partners, Moxtek Inc, offers a full solution of high performing metalens solutions for visible and IR wavelengths. This complete solution includes:

  1. Design
  2. Fabrication
  3. Measurement
  4. Packaging

Moxtek’s design team can optimise the lens design to customise them in order to match the application in question. Prototyping and Volume Manufacturing are also offered! 

Moxtek recently demonstrated Visible Wavelength Metalens made of Niobium Oxide at Moxtek. The 1cm focal length allows macro imaging using an iPhone 11 pro telephoto lens. Patterned using NIL and shows high detail of small features on various foreign bills:

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