Lake Shore Free Temperature Resources

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Lake Shore Free Temperature Resources

Our partners Lake Shore Cryotronics has a wealth of educational resources to help you. As well as app notes and how-to guides, they also provide calibration

Probe station application note

Wafer Mounting in a Lake Shore Cryogenic Probe Station

To learn more about the mounting methods commonly used in cryogenic probe stations, download this application note, written by Dr. David Daughton, Lake Shore Applications Scientist. It discusses various methods in detail and lists advantages and disadvantages for each.

The Beginner’s Guide to Cryostats and Cryocoolers

Guide explains everything you need to know

This is the ultimate guide for scientists, students, and lab technicians who are new to cryogenic systems operating between 1.5 and 300 K.  

You will learn about: 

  •  Variable temperature cryostats, including thermal impedance and exchange gas types
  •  Experimental techniques, thermometry, and temperature control
  •  Estimating heat loads on the cold stage and attached sample
  •  Using superconducting magnets with cryostats
  •  Closed-cycle refrigerator cryostats that require no cryogens

This 28-page guide includes 18 diagrams, 11 equations, and 9 tables and charts. There is no more comprehensive resource on laboratory cryostats for researchers.

WATCH NOW: Cryogenic Temperature Sensors Installation Techniques for Success

Interested in knowing more about how to correctly install a sensor in a cryogenic application and to avoid common installation errors? Then watch this recording of an Institute of Physics (IOP) webinar presented by Dr. Scott Courts, Lake Shore Senior Scientist.

Topics include:

  • Considerations for choosing a sensor (including resistance to magnetic fields, ionizing radiation, UHV and others)
  • The role of packaging and adapters for shielding, mounting, stability, and optimal thermal contact
  • Considerations for sensor installation (placement, mounting method, materials, electrical connections, heat sinking, thermal contact medium, etc.)
  • A look at the choices for fastening materials, wire leads, thermal mediums and adhesives

Quantum Design UK and Ireland can arrange for calibrations of Lake Shore Cryotronics sensors, monitors and controllers. The service includes processing of all import and export. All calibrations of Lake Shore products are performed to internally developed and validated methods.

Any questions?

To learn more about Lake Shore temperature products, contact our Technical Sales Engineer, Dr. Alex Murphy by email or call (01372) 378822.

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