DENSsolutions Stream In Situ TEM

In Situ TEM Liquid and Biasing or Heating

Liquid phase microscopy has become increasingly popular, as it provides new insight into important processes of various research topics within material science, chemistry and biology. The Stream In Situ Liquid Solution radically changes the way experiments in liquid are carried out.

The Stream system consists of 3 main components:

  • Nano-Cell
  • Sample holder
  • Pressure-based liquid pump

Application areas include Energy Storage, Corrosion, Electrochemistry, Nanomaterials, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology


  • Accurate flow and pressure control
  • Controlled membrane bulging
  • Extended experimental flexibility

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“Quantum Design and DENSsolutions have provided us with continual advancements of in situ TEM holders by providing an exciting and ever-improving level of detail into a range of nano-scale dynamic processes. We have purchased the Lightning, Climate and Stream systems, these systems allow us to perform a wide range of experiments at the nano level in situ investigations, from heating of steels and quench them, observing the formation of nano crystals. Gas absorption by Metal Organic Frameworks, or in situ growth of nanoparticles and crystals in liquid. All these systems experiments require great stability and precision and ease of use, all of which are provided by these holders and chips. QD UKI have been extremely helpful and supportive keeping us updated with the latest chip designs and holder sundries, and supplying chips quickly”

Dr Andy Stewart, University of Limerick



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