DENSsolutions Impulse Software

Why not upgrade your Wildfire and Lightning Holders with DENSSolutions impulse software?

Impulse offers a sleek interface that gives you complete control over your sample environment. All the controls for execution and automation of experiments and the data to monitor them, in one clean interface.

Read a fascinating article with Prof. Kirkland, Professor of Materials University of Oxford, United Kingdom and Science Director at the new Rosalind Franklin Institute.

DENSSolutions Impulse is a dedicated interface linking with their Lightning and Wildfire holders.  It integrates both heating and biasing functionalities intuitively onto a single platform to perform real-time routines simultaneously, automatically and easily.   For a quotation please contact Satyam Ladva on 01372 378822, email



  • Full Integration and Automation
  • Drag and Drop Profile Builder
  • Flexible Graph Interface
  • Real-Time Data Analysis
  • Synchronised stimuli data

Ben Parker

Sales Manager
+44 (0)1372 378822


“I am very delighted by the easy of use and the display features that the new Impulse software provides.
It is very important to be able to quickly control, modify and track visually the stimuli during in-situ experiments, Impulse does the job brilliantly!”

Dr. Leonardo Lari

the York-JEOL Nanocentre University of York, UK

Large canvas area for re-arrangeable graphs

Monitor real-time only the parameters you are interested in. Add new graphs, drag and drop to re-arrange them and save a quick snapshot of the graph during your experiment.

Design & automate your experiment

A wide choice of parameters enables the creation of profiles that suit any sample and application. The profile is visualised while it is being created to enhance the ease of use

Plot Real-time I-V and R-T curves

Capture the dynamic structure change in situ and understand the structure-property relationship

Correlate between stimuli

Save a synchronised log-file with the data from multiple stimuli.


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