DENSsolutions Climate In Situ TEM

In Situ TEM Gas & Heating System

The Climate In Situ TEM Gas & Heating System enables atomic resolution imaging of gas-solid interactions and sample dynamics in research areas such as catalysis, nanomaterials growth and corrosion studies. The Nano-Reactor is the ‘lab on chip’ MEMS based technology enabling the 1 Bar pressure & elevated temperature environment for in situ TEM. The Climate system converts high-vacuum (S)TEMs from a static imaging tool into a dynamic in situ chemical laboratory, enabling real-time observation and analysis of materials.

The Climate system consists of 4 main components:

  • Nano-Reactor
  • Sample holder
  • Gas Supply System
  • Climate software

Applications include Catalysis research, Nanomaterial Growth and Corrosion testing.

The Climate Nano-Reactor, that sits in the tip of the holder, is the MEMS based device that acts as a functional sample carrier enabling the gas-heating environment within the TEM. The Nano-Reactor, once loaded into the Climate Sample Holder, allows a defined amount of gas to be flowed through an inert Nano-Reactor chamber where the sample temperature is controlled by an integrated micro-heater and temperature sensor.


  • Resolution: 1Å
  • Pressure: 1 Bar
  • Heating:  1,000°C
  • SiN membrane is 800um^2 area size whilst TH is 10um diameter.

Satyam Ladva

Technical Sales Engineer
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“Quantum Design and DENSsolutions have provided us with continual advancements of in situ TEM holders by providing an exciting and ever-improving level of detail into a range of nano-scale dynamic processes. We have purchased the Lightning, Climate and Stream systems, these systems allow us to perform a wide range of experiments at the nano level in situ investigations, from heating of steels and quench them, observing the formation of nano crystals. Gas absorption by Metal Organic Frameworks, or in situ growth of nanoparticles and crystals in liquid. All these systems experiments require great stability and precision and ease of use, all of which are provided by these holders and chips. QD UKI have been extremely helpful and supportive keeping us updated with the latest chip designs and holder sundries, and supplying chips quickly”

Dr Andy Stewart, University of Limerick

Gas Supply System Options

DENSsolutions Climate in Situ TEM Mixing Station

The Climate Gas Supply Systems are a game changing system for catalyst research. They integrate all control functions into one smooth platform. Optimised for the Nano-Reactor, the Gas Supply Systems control the gas parameters at the sample allowing for imaging and analysis of catalyst particles at the atomic scale.

The Gas Supply System Light (included with Climate G) includes one gas line and controls pressure and flow inside the Nanoreactor while the full Gas Supply system (included with Climate G+) adds real time dynamic mixing of up to 3 gasses. The user has direct control via the easy-to-use Climate Software. Reproducible experiments and results can be obtained with a few mouse-clicks!

Main use cases for each model:

Climate Air

  • Customers who want to use their own Gas Supply System
  • Study in situ oxidation at elevated temperatures & 1 bar
  • Study outgassing samples while keeping the TEM vacuum clean
  • Corrosion testing


Climate G

  • Customers who know the required in situ conditions at the start of the experiment
  • In situ gas-solid reactions at controlled temperature, pressure & flow conditions
  • Use of pre-mixed gases (by vendor or in mixing tank) in compact system
  • Optional vapour control and/or standalone Mass Spectroscopy


Climate G+

  • Customers who need to have full control over all the in situ parameters
  • In situ gas-solid reactions with fast response (real-time) stimuli control
  • Dynamic mixing of 3 gases with optional added gas inlet lines
  • Integrated Mass Spectrometer with short response time to changes in the Nano-Reactor


Climate Air and Climate G upgrades are possible on request. Learn more here



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