Model CRX-4K Cryogenic Probe Station

Designed for versatility and high performance, the CRX-4K is our premium cryogen-free closed cycle refrigerant probe station. This system is the solution for those looking for the convenience of cryogen-free operation and the exceptional measurement performance of a Lake Shore product.

Using a self-contained closed cycle refrigerator (CCR), the station cools down to cryogenic temperatures unassisted, eliminating the need for monitoring by the researcher. Various options and configurations on the CRX‑4K enable the researcher to conduct exacting, challenging test measurements. The CRX‑4K provides Lake Shore’s best low-temperature cryogen-free performance, with configurations enabling sample temperatures as low as 4.5 K. Multiple temperature sensors throughout the station ensure accurate, repeated measurements. The 2-stage CCR allows the sample to be maintained at elevated temperature during cooldown, reducing the potential for condensation, a critical requirement for measuring organic materials. The CRX‑4K is designed to accommodate wafers as large as 102 mm (4 in) in diameter, with 51 mm (2 in) diameter probable regions.

Sample holders
Probing configurations
Vision system
Sample temperature accuracy is key

Features of the Model CRX-4K High Performance Closed Cycle Refrigerator-based Probe Station

  • Cryogen-free operation
  • Allows unsupervised cool down
  • Low temperature operation
  • Minimise sample condensation during cooldown
  • Customisable to accommodate a 102 mm (4 in) wafer
  • THz probe arm option for precise on-wafer contact probing of millimetre wave devices at THz frequencies (75 GHz and up)




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