Model 350 Cryogenic Temperature Controller

The Model 350 ultra-low cryogenic temperature controller is a powerful physics tool. Designed for the demands of pumped He-3 refrigerators and other ultra-low and low temperature platforms, the Model 350 provides excellent measurement performance, superior control accuracy, and convenient operation in a wide range of advanced research applications. Whether the need is for high accuracy with minimal thermal impact, or precise temperature control in high magnetic fields, or dependable measurement in radiation environments, the Model 350 controller matched with Lake Shore’s industry-leading Cernox® sensors provides a cryogenic solution that’s demonstrably best-in-class.

The patented noise reduction input circuitry of the Model 350 is just one reason why this controller works so well for ultra-low temperature (ULT) applications, all the way down to 100 mK. When combined with precision Cernox sensors, this performance-optimised design allows as little as 10 nA of excitation current to be used, minimising self-heating effects, and ensures best possible measurement accuracy throughout the entire temperature range.

This single instrument offers extraordinary capability and flexibility, often eliminating the need for additional instrumentation in a refrigeration control system. Its four input channels and four independent control outputs are configurable to support a broad range of I/O requirements, including the heaters and auxiliary devices typical of ULT refrigeration systems, as well as other cryogenic sensor types like ruthenium oxide and platinum RTDs. Standard computer interfaces enable remote communications, control and coordination with other systems.

In short, the Model 350 cryogenic temperature controller brings a new level of power, precision, and performance to critical low temperature physics research. It is ideal for use with He-3 systems, adiabatic demagnetisation refrigerators (ADRs), certain dilution refrigerators, and many other applications demanding low thermal power and high measurement precision.

Model 350 Features

  • Ideal for use with He-3 systems and other ultra-low temperature refrigeration platforms down to 100 mK
  • Optimised performance with Cernox® RTDs
  • Patented low-noise input circuitry enables super low excitation power for minimal self-heating and high resolution measurement
  • 4 independent control loops and a broad range of I/O configurations can eliminate need for additional instrumentation
  • 4 PID-controlled outputs: 75 W warm-up heater, 1 W sample heater, and 2 auxiliary 1 W ±10 V outputs
  • Proven, intuitive interface
  • Performance assurance even at the extremes, with verifiable product specifications
  • Full 3 year standard warranty



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