WEBINAR: Characterisation of conductive and magnetic nanostructures by Correlative In-Situ AFM & SEM


The combination of different analytical methods into one instrument is of great importance for the simultaneous acquisition of complementary information. Especially highly localised probing of mechanical, electrical, magnetic, chemical and crystallographic properties on the nanoscale represents a key success factor for gaining new insights in the micro and nano world.

In this webinar, we present a unique AFM – the AFSEM – designed for seamless integration into scanning electron microscopes (SEM) or dual beam systems. It allows direct in-situ combination of these complementary techniques due to the simultaneous operation of SEM and AFM inside the vacuum chamber. Therefore, SEM imaging, chemical or crystallographic information by EDX and EBSD, real 3D topography, phase information, mechanical, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties by AFM can be combined in an easy and interactive way. Furthermore, due to the open design it can be combined with additional add-ons, e.g., tensile stages, nano-indenters or nano-manipulators. As examples for the broad variety of applications in material characterisation, we will demonstrate in-situ electrical and magnetic characterisation of nanostructures by combining SEM and AFM measurements.


Dr. Christian Schwalb – COO at GETec Microscopy

GETec Microscopy GmbH is located in Vienna, Austria and is part of the Quantum Design International company. GETec offers innovative atomic force microscope (AFM) solutions for seamless integration into existing host systems such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM). In partnership with their customers, they develop dedicated nano analysis tools based on pre-engineered modules.

Their core product AFSEM® is an atomic force microscope, designed for integration in an SEM or Dualbeam (SEM/FIB) microscope. Its open access design allows to simultaneously operate SEM and AFM inside the SEM vacuum chamber and enables the correlative in situ analysis of your sample by combining SEM and AFM measurements.

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