Specim Looks Back at 25 Years

A Quarter Century of Spectral Imaging Excellence

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It began with the passion for light, and the desire to use the light to see the invisible and change the world for better. 25 years ago, on February 23rd, 1995, Esko Herrala, Jukka Okkonen, and Timo Hyvärinen held a meeting that would mark the born of a new company, Specim. It would later become one of the pioneers in the spectral imaging field. Today, a quarter century later, that company is a global operator employing 70 people in Finland, US and China.

In the development forefront

Specim’s Esko Herrala

Specim has always been at the forefront of developing spectral imaging technology from big and expensive equipment into smaller, faster, easier to use and more affordable cameras. As a result, they are now increasingly used in many different areas, from laboratories to fields and factories. All of the original founders are still involved in the day-to-day operation, believing in the technology and the products as strongly as ever.

Jukka, Esko, and Timo can look back to company history with pride. Over the past 25 years, Specim products have been inside an Egyptian tomb, determining a Monet painting authenticity, and studying plants in African deserts. They also achieved one important milestone set early on: to bring the technology to industrial use. Today, the cameras are also doing less glorious, but equally important, work on production lines, ensuring the quality and safety of the products. 

“We are proud of what we have achieved together with our partners and customers over the years. We believe that hyperspectral imaging will take its place as a standard technology to machine vision solutions, and our aim is to make it easily accessible to also completely new user groups that are out there.”

Tapio Kallonen, Specim CEO

The technology of the future

While research is still a major user group for spectral imaging cameras, also different industrial applications are adapting them into their sorting processes. The development is likely to continue, and the future looks bright for spectral imaging technology.

Specim is not going to rest on its laurels but wants to remain as the leader of its field. They have already made two product releases to kick off the anniversary celebrations, and are constantly developing new ways to help their customers. Jukka Okkonen commented on the latest product release:

“We already have some plans for the AFX family, so let’s see what the future holds.”

Jukka Okkonen, Specim
FX17 got its wings too – introducing AFX17, the drone-compatible NIR hyperspectral camera! Cover more sophisticated application areas like soil analysis, or plant stress level detection.

The anniversary will show in Specim’s social media

The 25th anniversary will show in Specim’s social media accounts throughout the year. There are a lot of memories, materials, and moods in store from the years past, and the company plans to post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They have also invited their partners and customers to share their memories with #Specim25years hashtag.

Specim – Forerunner for trust

Customers require fast and accurate information as they strive to gather information to improve quality, increase value, and make sustainable choices.

As the world’s leading hyperspectral imaging solutions provider, a well-known forerunner, and passionate developer of the technology, Specim provides customers with the data they can trust and act upon, whether in the industrial surrounding, research laboratory, or field.

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