Customise your Cryostat !

In addition to their complete line of laboratory cryogenic equipment, Janis Research offers a wide range of award-winning custom system design capabilities. With in-house computing facilities, computerised designs and manufacturing capabilities, Janis’ experienced physicists and engineers are readily available to discuss your special requirements for any type of cryogenic application.

Typical examples of custom-engineered projects include:

  • Cryogenic cold traps with single or multiple chambers for adsorption of noble gases, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapour, etc.
  • Ruggedised cryostats designed for space flights/micro-gravity experiments and balloon-borne cosmic microwave studies
  • Focal plane array and detector cooling Dewars for operation in any orientation
  • Ultra-high vacuum cryostats and superconducting magnet systems for scanning probe, atomic force, and scanning tunnelling microscopes
  • Cryostats that operate from liquid helium temperatures to high temperatures (750 K or higher)
  • Custom vibration isolated systems
  • Tensile testing and high-pressure diamond anvil cell cryostats
  • Dewars designed to ASME code, with complete structural, stress, and thermal analysis

As a worldwide leader in laboratory cryogenics, Janis Research has developed many custom cryogenic configurations. Many of these have been refined into a standard product line and are available from inventory.

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