InfraTec Thermographic Solutions for NDT

Thermographic Solutions for Non-destructive Testing – Versatile and Innovative

InfraTec Thermographic Solutions for NDT

Analysing the consistency and quality of modern materials and components is becoming increasingly important for high-tech sectors such as the automotive, electronics and aerospace industries.  As a result, infrared thermography, as an efficient method of non-destructive testing (NDT), is growing steadily in its numerous applications. It allows the detection of even the smallest defects and anomalies – whether you inspect inline during the production process or in the laboratory.

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Users benefit from the flexibility thermography offers for the analysis of materials and material combinations by using application-specific components such as infrared cameras, software packages, excitation units and accessories.

Infrared cameras with highest thermal sensitivity and precision

Universities, research institutes and companies worldwide rely on innovative solutions from InfraTec. They trust the ImageIR® – a modular configurable high-end infrared camera series with cooled detectors of different formats and performance classes.

Efficient control and analysis software for NDT users

IRBIS® 3 active thermography software is a key component of our solutions for NDT. It provides convenient access to the entire process of active thermography from selecting and setting excitation parameters to data analysis.

Automated thermographic solutions for NDT

Possible applications of infrared cameras from InfraTec

  • Testing of electronics/semiconductor material during the manufacturing process to detect shunts, oxide defects, transistor and diode defects on integrated circuits
  • Quality assurance for glued, welded, soldered and other joints, blowhole detection (for example on automotive interior parts) and detection of defective weld seams / spots in the car body construction
  • Assessment of impact damages, delaminations, inclusions, curing or adhesive defects in carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP)
  • Inspection of solar cells and complete solar modules during the manufacturing process

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