Introducing our Newest Partner – IXRF Systems

Microanalysis and MicroXRF Analytical Instrumentation

Quantum Design UK and Ireland are excited to welcome on board our newest partners, IXRF Systems.

For almost three decades IXRF has been designing and manufacturing high-end X-ray Microanalysis systems that are fitted to Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM/EDS). Almost 10 years ago, IXRF developed SEM-XRF microscope attachments allowing broader elemental analysis coverage. In 2014, IXRF launched the ATLAS series of general purpose, microXRF energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (micro-XRF) spectrometers for elemental analysis and hyperspectral imaging of elements from sodium (Na) through uranium (U). IXRF specialises in: SEM/EDS, SEM-XRF and micro-XRF.


Imaging microXRF Spectrometers

The ATLAS series of micro-XRF microscopic hyperspectral imaging spectrometers are the latest general purpose micro X-ray spot energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) instruments for the measurement and mapping of elements from sodium (Na) through uranium (U).

Designed to image and analyse a wide variety of sample types, ATLAS leads the industry in virtually every major specification category from the most powerful software  (Iridium Ultra) and the largest detector active area, to our superior perpendicular geometry and smallest micro-spot.


Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry for electron microscopy

SEM/EDS:  For scanning electron microscopes (SEM), IXRF offers a complete EDS (EDX) system: software,  SDD detectors, digital signal processor and software. The Windows®-10 based EDS software – Iridium Ultra – delivers all-inclusive  functionality.

SEM-XRF:  IXRF’s Xb micro-spot X-ray source adds the capabilities of a complete micro X-ray fluorescence (microXRF) spectrometer to any scanning electron microscope (SEM). μXRF users benefit from non-destructive measurements, superior trace element sensitivity and broader elemental coverage (Na through U) .

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