Model CPX Cryogenic Probe Station

With a modular design to meet the needs of a breadth of experiments, the Model CPX is Lake Shore’s most versatile, high performance cryogenic probe station. Various options and configurations on the CPX enable the researcher to conduct exacting, challenging test measurements.

The CPX has multiple radiation shields to provide Lake Shore’s best low temperature performance with configurations enabling sample temperatures as low as 1.6 K. Multiple temperature sensors throughout the station ensure accurate, repeated measurements.

Due to the split flow design, the sample stays warm while the shields cool, which, along with the high vacuum option, minimises sample condensation during cool-down—a key requirement for measuring hydrophilic organic materials. Ideal applications include research in organics and microwave measurements. Vacuum load-locks are configurable for conducting high-throughput measurements. In addition, the CPX can be configured to enable controlled sample transport under vacuum to the chamber. The CPX accommodates 51 mm (2 in) diameter wafers (up to 102 mm [4 in] optional). The system operates with either liquid helium or liquid nitrogen.

Sample holders
Probing configurations
Vision system
Sample temperature accuracy is key

Features of the Model CPX High Performance Probe Station

  • Lake Shore’s most versatile probe station
  • Numerous options and configurations available
  • Multiple radiation shields for best low temperature performance
  • Minimise sample condensation during cool-down
  • Customisable for sample transfer with no exposure to atmosphere
  • Customisable to accommodate a 4 in wafer
  • THz probe arm option for precise on-wafer contact probing of millimetre wave devices at THz frequencies (75 GHz and up)




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+44 (0)1372 378822


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