Montana Instruments Cryostation Optical Cryostat 1.7K

Closed Cycle Optical Cryostats

The CRYOSTATION® crossover premium (xp) platform integrates pumped liquid helium cooling technology with the benefits of an automated, closed-cycle (helium-free) cryostat. Leveraging many of the proven technologies found in the original Cryostation systems, the xp-series retains the level of reliability, flexibility, and usability required to become a workhorse in any lab. The platform offers a turn-key solution for the most demanding users, making it easier than ever to reach and maintain temperatures below 2K.

Experimental Benefits

  • Reach critical transitions and reduce thermal noise with temperatures from 1.7K – 350K
  • Utilize existing optical setups and maximize collection efficiency with direct, free-space high NA access
  • Streamline workflows with fully automated operation, push-button cooling, and precise temperature control
  • Leverage high cooling power (>20 mW) to implement more complex setups and/or introduce experimental heat loads (laser input, etc.) without sacrificing base temperature


  • Closed-cycle (cryogen-free) Gifford-McMahon (GM) 2-Stage cryocooler with a variable speed helium compressor
  • Sample chamber can mount directly to any optical table
  • System cart includes the cryocooler, gas handling components, vacuum pump, and system control electronics
  • Proprietary sample exchange barrier provides thermal and vacuum separation of the cooling system and sample platform
  • Touchscreen user interface with control software
  • Sample space can be accessed easily
  • Optical access provided from all sides with multiple radial ports and a top window

Ashley Crane

Sales Manager
tel:+44 (0)1372 378822


“We use our C2 Cryostation to maintain our thin semiconductor samples at 4 K while we make measurements with a high power pulsed laser. Our data acquisition patterns require us to maintain these conditions for days or weeks at a time with minimal interruption. We have found the Cryostation to be an extremely low-maintenance system that has placed negligible demands on our time and budget to operate continuously for over 2 years and counting. We observe good stability in both temperature and mechanical performance. We have also received excellent post-sale support. QD UKI provided a full technical training and installation service and Montana have been happy to provide design information that has enabled us to fabricate bespoke accessories and integrate the instrument more closely into our wider experimental system. Overall, the Cryostation’s most appealing characteristic is how easy and convenient it has proved to be, enabling us to focus on the aspects of our research project that deserve the most attention.”

Dr Joshua Rogers, Durham University

Cryostation xp100 Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 1.7 K – 350 K
  • Vibrational Stability: <20 nm
  • Cooling Power @ Base T: >20 mW
  • Sample Cooldown Time to Base T: ~12 hrs
  • Sample Warmup Time~2 hrs:
  • Optical Access: 3 optical ports
  • Electrical Access: 25 user connections*
  • Interface Side Panels: one quad RF feedthrough (2 coax routed standard, 2 more available), three blank for additional RF, DC, fiber or gas tube options
  • Sample Space: (diameter x height)∅92 mm x 92 mm
  • Beam Height: 147 mm



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