Webinar: How to Amplify Your Chemical Analysis With SEM & µXRF 🗓

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Learn how Micro-XRF is used as a Complimentary Analytical Technique for EDS Analysis in the SEM

Bryan De Verse from IXRF Systems Inc. presents this webinar, hosted by Quantum Design UK and Ireland

Would you like to upgrade your existing SEM EDS performance? Would you like to obtain benchtop quality MicroXRF in your SEM at the fraction of the price? Would you like to utilise a more intuitive EDS and XRF software capable of performing highly complex quantitative measurements and mapping with very little fuss? If so, watch our first of many collaborative webinars with IXRF Systems Inc.   

In the Webinar We Cover: 

  • An Introduction to IXRF Systems Inc – a company with over 30 years of EDS and MicroXRF experience, especially for SEM upgrade 
  • An overview of EDS and MicroXRF hardware options for your SEMs 
  • An overview of the Iridium Ultra software, capable of performing more complex mapping and quantitative analysis with EDS and XRF.  
  • Q & A session


For almost 30 years, IXRF Systems Inc, have provided EDS and XRF solutions for SEMs of all kind. Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy [abv: EDS, EDX, EDXS or XEDS], sometimes also known as Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis [EDXA] or Energy Dispersive X-ray MicroAnalysis [EDXMA] is a well-founded Scanning Electron Microscopy [SEM] correlative technique utilised for elemental analysis and chemical characterisation of a sample, through the fundamental principle that each element has its own unique atomic structure. Through combination of a range of Silicon Drift Detectors [SDDs] and IXRFs powerful quantitative and mapping based Iridium Ultra Software, EDS’ performance is maximised for complete performance with IXRF’s EDS solution. Whilst EDS is restricted to the lighter elements on the periodic table, IXRF’s Micro X-ray Fluorescence [or Micro XRF] solution for the SEM provides a solution for elements ranging between Sodium to Uranium at a fraction of the price of benchtop MicroXRFs, but with the same sensitivity as a 10 micron spot size system i.e. ppm level. Through polycapillary optics, once again accompanied by IXRF’s patented Iridium Ultra software and compatibility with any EDS detector, IXRF’s non-destructive MicroXRF solution for the SEM provides highly quantitative maps and linescans for heavier elements with the combination of the two techniques plus the Iridium Ultra Software providing a complete X-ray spectroscopy solution for the SEM.  


Satyam Ladva, EngD | Technical Product Manager | Quantum Design UK and Ireland

Bryan DeVerse | Commercial Director | IXRF Systems Inc. 

About Bryan DeVerse

Bryan DeVerse has worked in the scientific instrumentation community for more than 20 years, gaining experience in spectroscopic techniques such as X-ray Fluorescence, Infrared, Raman, and NMR. As the Commercial Director for IXRF Systems, he is passionate about educating and working with the next generation of scientists and technicians and empowering users of all backgrounds to get the most out of their scientific equipment. Outside the office, Bryan enjoys camping with his family, mountain biking, and designing hand-crafted cocktails to share with friends.

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