POSTPONED WEBINAR: High-energy X-Ray – Camera and detector solutions from Raptor Photonics

This webinar has been postponed until Spring 2021. Register your interest by emailing Angela Carslake. We will announce the new date in January 2021.

High energy detection and X-Ray Imaging have been a bedrock of science for over 100 years. The advent of digital technology has now made them accessible to a growing range of disciplines, with applications ranging from life science, through to astronomy, security, industrial and high energy physics.

In this webinar, Mark Donaghy, VP Sales & Marketing at Raptor, will initially give a brief overview of Raptor Photonics and then go on to discuss Raptor’s range of cameras used to detect photons and high energy particles for both direct and indirect X-Ray applications. Photon (or particle) energies from 1.2eV up to 20keV can be detected directly within the silicon using high performance CCD and EMCCD sensors. The webinar will also give people an overview of Raptor’s in-vacuum and open front camera technology and a broad overview of applications where Raptor X-Ray cameras are providing an advantage to universities, National Laboratories and OEMs around the world.

What’s in the Webinar?

This webinar should be attended by people interested in finding out more about Raptor Photonics and its range of industry leading X-Ray cameras and detectors for hard and soft X-Rays.  

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