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Components for IV measurements

We work with ReRa Solutions who are experts in the field of solar cell measurement. They have developed several dedicated instruments and software packages for the measurement and calibration of many different types of solar cells.

With regards to off-the-shelf solutions, we can offer all the major components required to make an IV measurement of a solar cell – from probing the cell, to measuring the generated photocurrent, to calculating the relevant IV parameters/curves. That being said, our standard instruments are primarily designed for R&D facilities using small scale lab based devices.

For custom requirements, including measurement of larger scale cells or modules, please contact us.



  • Silicon and GaAs reference cells – open or shunted versions
  • Solar cell probes
  • Solar cell IV converter
  • Tracer IV curve software
  • IV measurement electronics (basic IV system)


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We offer Silicon and GaAs reference cells for the measurement of the irradiance of Solar Simulators.

Calibrated under STC against traceable secondary reference standards (NREL or JRC-ESTI)
Open and shunted versions
Shunted version: Isc only
Open version: Isc, Voc, Impp, Vmpp, FF and Efficiency
Protective Quartz window
Fully integrated with Tracer IV software
Includes calibration certificate and carry case
BNC or banana plug (standard) cable termination

Silicon reference cell – shunted (RR-1001)
Silicon reference cell – open (RR-1002)
GaAs reference cell – open (RR-1003)
GaAs reference cell – shunted (RR-1004)

All Silicon reference cells can be ordered with a Schott KG glass filter (replaces standard Quartz window) for measurement of specific solar cell materials
KG1 window (RR-1010-1)
KG2 window (RR-1010-2)
KG3 window (RR-1010-3)
KG4 window (RR-1010-4)
KG5 window (RR-1010-5)

Our high resolution solar cell probes provide high precision positioning for repeatable IV measurements. It is designed primarily for probing targets that are approximately 13 microns and larger at 80 TPI resolution (320 μm per 360° turn). It is supplied with a magnetic base and is available in either left or right handed models.

The 125 mm x 125 mm scanning area allows positioning on a broad range of solar cell materials. Each axis is spring loaded to prevent backlash, and the control knobs are conveniently placed at the rear of the micropositioner to allow one hand to control all three axes at the same time. The probe mount is electrically isolated from the positioner body.

Available in 2 or 4-wire configurations
High precision positioning
Max current: 2 Amps
Left-handed or right-handed models
BNC or banana plug (standard) cable termination
Magnetic base – suitable for substrate and superstrate measurements
Alternative tips available on request

2-wire configuration – left handed, x1 Tungsten tip (RR-3057L)
2-wire configuration – right handed, x1 Tungsten tip (RR-3057R)
4-wire configuration – left handed, x2 BeCu tips (RR-3057BL)
4-wire configuration – right handed, x2 BeCu tips (RR-3057BR)

The ReRa Solar Cell IV converter (RR-1029) is a dedicated instrument to measure the output of a reference cell (Irradiance and Temperature). It can be used to measure both open and shunted reference cells. In the case of shunted reference cells, the voltage biasing capability of the instrument will be disabled. A user can operate the instrument directly from the 4.3” touchscreen, or alternatively, via the Tracer IV curve software (via a USB interface). LabVIEW drivers are also available on request.
When combined with the Tracer IV software, the instrument can be used to perform full IV measurements i.e. the IV converter replaces the sourcemeter. However, this is only applicable to small scale lab based solar cells, as the maximum current is limited to ±200 mA (±5 V). The instrument uses banana plug sockets (for the temperature sensor and reference cell/DUT) and a BNC connector for the TTL output.
When measuring a reference cell, the following data is displayed on the touchscreen:

Temperature (°C/F)
Irradiance (Wm-2)
Shutter state

Short circuit current (Isc)
Open circuit voltage (Voc)
Current / Voltage


Dedicated, stand alone instrument to measure reference cells
Replaces the sourcemeter in your IV setup
Storage of calibration values from multiple reference cells
Temperature sensor input (4-wire pt100)
TTL output to control shutter of Solar Simulator
Large (4.3″) touchscreen

The ReRa basic IV system (RR-3060) is a package of some of the key items required to make an IV measurement of solar cells. This includes a source meter, GPIB-USB interface and interface to control the shutter of a Solar Simulator. This enables one to measure IV curves (both dark and illuminated) of solar cells. By controlling the electronic shutter of the Solar Simulator, it is possible to illuminate the solar cell only during the measurement period (which avoids heating of the solar cell between measurements). A 4-wire temperature sensor (pt100) is also included to measure the temperature of the solar cell. This has a USB termination, enabling it to be used with the Tracer IV software.

Measurement of IV curves (both dark and illuminated)
Current range: 10 pA to 1 A
Voltage range: 1 µV to 20 V
Includes GPIB/USB interface
Solar Simulator shutter control (USB to BNC or sub-D)
4-wire pt100 temperature sensor (USB interface)

Reference cell
Probe station
Tracer IV software
Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific application or require a customised configuration

Tracer (RR-5006) is a complete software package for the measurement of IV curves. Data can be exported in CSV, ASCII and XML formats. Tracer provides support for correction to STC (standard test conditions) and report generation according to the IEC 60904-1 standard. With Tracer you will be able to measure the following critical IV parameters:
Isc (Short circuit current)
Voc (Open circuit voltage)
Impp (Max current power point)
Vmpp (Max voltage power point)
Rs (Series resistance)
Rshunt (Shunt resistance)
FF (Fill Factor)
Jsc (Short circuit current density)
Tracer is able to control a variety of sourcemeters such as those from Keithley (2400 and 2600 series) and Kepco.
Additionally, a separate software package (Tracer Analyser, RR-5021) is available for off-line data analysis. This is distributed according to a per seat license arrangement.

Mathematical fitting to the single or double diode model
Internal database and database viewer
Integration with Metrohm Autolab potentiostats
Tracer Configurator – enables configuration of hardware outside of the main Tracer program
Dark curves
Compatibility with MySQL and SQL server databases


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