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FERGIE diffraction limited imaging spectrometer from Princeton Instruments

FERGIE imaging spectrometer

With built-in high sensitivity CCD detector

The FERGIE is a revolutionary, compact, diffraction limited imaging spectrometer from Princeton Instruments – designed to make turn-key spectroscopy a reality.

The modular cube accessory ecosystem allows multiple experiments to be configured with ease – such as Raman, photoluminescence and flash photolysis (to name a few). The FERGIE includes the acclaimed LightField software for data acquisition and analysis, and a USB3.0 interface for plug-and-play operation with minimal setup/alignment.



    • Low noise, back-illuminated , TE-cooled  frame transfer CCD detector
    • High spectral resolution, wide spectral range (200-1100 nm)
    • Aberration-free imaging
    • Modular cube accessory ecosystem
    • Integrated programmable pulse generator
    • Kinetics readout mode for µs time resolution
    • Compact unit with small footprint

    Contact: Ben Parker
    Sales Manager

    +44 (0)1372 378822


    FERGIE Imaging Spectrometer

    The unique optical design of the FERGIE eliminates optical aberrations - such as coma and astigmatism – that commonly plague mirror based Czerny-Turner spectrometers. This is especially important for applications such as microspectroscopy and multi-track imaging, where  diffraction–limited imaging performance is required over the entire focal plane and a broad spectral range.

    A TE cooled detector (-45 deg C minimum) allows the use of long integration times for the detection of weak signals, and a high speed frame transfer CCD detector negates the need for a mechanical shutter, whilst also enabling super-fast frame rates and µs temporal resolution.

    The system can be optimised for the UV-VIS (200-1100 nm) or VIS-NIR (400-1100 nm) spectral ranges via a choice of a deep-depleted sensor and AlMgF2 or Silver coated optics.

    Modular cube accessory ecosystem

    A number of different cubes can be placed at the input of the spectrometer to configure the system for a variety of experiments.  These include:

    - Focusing cube with achromatic lens optimised for the UV, VIS or NIR

    - Fibre port for connecting FC/PC fibres (includes aspheric collimating lens, VIS or NIR)

    - Beam splitters; 50:50, 70:30, 90:10

    - Sample  chamber to hold 12.5 mm cuvettes

    - Raman filter cube with built-in laser line filter and dichroic/edge filters – optimised for 785 nm excitation

    In addition to the cubes, we can also supply a 785 nm laser for turn-key Raman spectroscopy, switchable Hg/Ne-Ar light source for automatic wavelength calibration and a NIST traceable QTH light source for automatic intensity calibration.

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