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J A Woollam CompleteEASE revolutionary new software for Woollam ellipsometers

J A Woollam CompleteEASE Ellipsometer Software

Versatile Measurements

The next generation of ellipsometry software has arrived with CompleteEASE, J A Woollam's revolutionary new software for their ellipsometers. It’s easier than ever to use, and with the World-class quality you’ve come to expect from Woollam Company.

CompleteEASE is an all-inclusive software package to handle all your ellipsometry requirements. Conveniently measure the uniformity of your samples with automated sample mapping. Collect in-situ data with spectroscopic ellipsometry on your process chamber or with add-on temperature control stage or liquid cell. All your data acquisition needs are combined into one easy-to-use software package.


  • Create your own recipes to collect data, automate mapping and analyse your samples – contained in one step. Convenience and simplicity combine for push-button operation
  • CompleteEASE includes built-in models covering a wide range of typical samples. Built-in models conveniently describe how to process the data to determine thin film properties. CompleteEASE also includes over 400 material files and dispersion equations to approach a wide variety of thin films – from dielectrics and organics to semiconductors and metals
  • The CompleteEASE Thickness Pre-Fit quickly and automatically finds the best thickness to match the data using a special patented algorithm. Eliminate the guesswork when nominal film thickness is unknown
  • The B-spline layer was developed in CompleteEASE as an alternative to direct fits or oscillator models. It combines the benefits of (i) reduced number of fit parameters, (ii) complete flexibility in optical constants for any material, and (iii) remove the guesswork of where to place oscillators and what type to choose. Especially valuable for describing complex dispersion shapes. Advanced features of the B-spline include the ability to customise resolution and maintain KK consistency.
  • Generalised Oscillator Layer
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