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J A Woollam iSE ellipsometer for in-situ monitoring of thickness and optical properties

J A Woollam In-Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometers

In-Situ Ellipsometry

In Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) measures a sample “in position” as conditions are varied. This includes measurements during film growth or removal; during variation in temperature, humidity, or other environmental conditions; and during other external stimulation of the sample (magnetic, electric).

In Situ SE is routinely used to monitor growth or etch of a thin film and can be implemented for real-time feedback control.  It is also common to use in situ measurements to characterise optical constants during different process conditions.


  • Monitor Thin Films during processing in real-time
  • Perform accurate substrate characterisation prior to film deposition
  • Characterise samples before exposure to air/oxidisation
  • Real-time for thickness and optical constants monitoring
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    The M-2000 line of spectroscopic ellipsometers is engineered to meet the diverse demands of thin film characterisation. An advanced optical design, wide spectral range, and fast data acquisition combine in an extremely powerful and versatile tool. 

    M-2000 delivers both speed and accuracy.  J A Woollam’s patented RCE technology combines Rotating Compensator Ellipsometry with high-speed CCD detection to collect the entire spectrum (hundreds of wavelengths) in a fraction of a second with a wide array of configurations. 

    M-2000 is the first ellipsometer to truly excel at everything from in-situ monitoring and process control to large-area uniformity mapping and general purpose thin film characterisation. No other ellipsometer technology acquires a full spectrum faster.


    Wide Spectral Range

    Collect over 700 wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the near infrared – all simultaneously.


    Flexible System Integration

    With modular optical design, the M-2000 is suited for direct attachment to your process chamber or configured on any of Woollam’s table-top bases.



    Advanced design ensures accurate ellipsometry measurements for any sample.


    The RC2 design builds on 25 years of experience. It combines the best features of previous models with innovative new technology: dual rotating compensators, achromatic compensator design, advanced light source and next-generation spectrometer design. The RC2 is a near-universal solution for the diverse applications of spectroscopic ellipsometry.


    Wide Spectral Range

    Collect over 1000 wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the near infrared, all simultaneously.


    Fast Measurement Speed

    Synchronous operation of both compensators allows highly accurate data without waiting to “zone-average” over optical elements. Collect the entire spectrum (over 1000 wavelengths) simultaneously in a fraction of a second.


    J A Woollam have developed a new ellipsometer developed specifically for in-situ monitoring of thickness and optical properties.



    Determine thickness and optical constants with high certainty with Woollam’s proven spectroscopic ellipsometry including advanced data analysis capability, gives you thickness and optical properties with much higher certainty than other techniques.



    New compact design enables easy integration onto any ALD chamber.



    Measure any kind of material-dielectrics, metals, metal oxides and more.



    The power of spectroscopic ellipsometry at a reasonable price.



    User friendly interface for real time data analysis and easy chamber integration.


    Fast, Wide-Spectrum Measurements

    While others claim fast measurements, only J.A Woollam ellipsometers provide fast, spectroscopic data over a wide wavelength range. The iSE utilizes a new optical design with Dual-Rotation™ in combination with modern CCD detection to provide hundreds of wavelengths in a fraction of a second.

    Complete EASE Software

    The next generation of ellipsometry software has arrived with CompleteEASE®, revolutionary new software for Woollam ellipsometers. It’s easier than ever to use, and with the world-class quality you’ve come to expect from Woollam Company.


    Versatile Measurements

    CompleteEASE® is an all-inclusive software package to handle all your ellipsometry requirements. Conveniently measure the uniformity of your samples with automated sample mapping. Collect in-situ data with spectroscopic ellipsometry on your process chamber or with add-on temperature control stage or liquid cell. All your data acquisition needs are combined into one easy-to-use software package.


    Lab to Fab Operation

    Suitable for both research and production environments. CompleteEASE is designed with advanced features for use in the research lab. Then transfer to the factory floor running automated recipes with user-programmable scan patterns, fast data acquisition, and automated analysis models.

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